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Relational Algebra Utilities

Relational Algebra Online
An integrated environment where you can create and test your relational algebra queries against a database.
After choosing your device, click on the or button for a tour.
Once you have learned the language, you may prefer typing everthing in. You can use this alternate version. It does not insert anything for you, but removes a few annoyances.
Examples from the CVM PowerPoints suitable for copy-and-pasting into Relational Algebra Online
PL/SQL Examples See Assignment for many more resources.
How this system knew you had performed the DML operations or not:
The trigger on the DML self-assessment.
The database procedure that checks the audit table
PHP Processing Diagram
An example of a project similar to yours: To Run the Example
Raw Code for Example
Syntax highlighted code for Example
PHP Notes includes tutorial that explains the above Example
A stripped down version of the file you have to submit to help clarify the assignment: PHP Requirements Skeleton

Returned Assignments

September 10, 2018: Syllabus assignment recorded. See ✔Grades.
September 10, 2018: First set of review questions graded. See ✔Grades.
September 14, 2018: First survey submissions recorded. See ✔Grades.
September 25, 2018: Second set of review questions graded. See ✔Grades.
October 4, 2018: First Assignment, Relational Algebra recorded. See ✔Grades. Grading has been sent to your ODU email.
October 8, 2018: Second survey submissions recorded. See ✔Grades.
October 15, 2018: Third set of review questions graded. See ✔Grades.
Scroll to the bottom of ✔Grades for a discussion of the answers to the review questions.