Midterm Exam

This page introduces the CS361 midterm exam.

The exam will be conducted via the University's Blackboard system. You will need to log in using your ODU/OCCS login name and password, not the CS Dept account info that you use elsewhere in this course.

The pages generated by Blackboard test tool pages will not have the "Discuss This Page" feature found on most of the course website. If you have questions about this assessment, return to this page and ask them here. Be sure to indicate specifically which question you want to discuss. Also keep in mind that questions about assessments should almost always be Private.

Operating Instructions


True/False, multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions are graded immediately and automatically.

If the assessment contains any essay and fill-in-the-blank questions, these will be graded by the instructor.

For fill-in-the-blank questions, Blackboard may assign a preliminary grade, but that is based on a very inflexible character-by-character exact match to my answer key. If the question listing still says "Needs Grading", please do not send me panicky messages about how your answer is really correct and will you be able to get full credit.

Academic Honesty Policy

In this course:

Refer to the syllabus and to the ODU student handbook for further information on penalties applicable to violations of the academic honesty code.

Ready to Take the Exam?

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