Linked List Applications

Steven J. Zeil

Old Dominion University, Dept. of Computer Science

Table of Contents

1. Using Linked Lists in ADTs
1.1. The Header
1.2. Adding Authors
1.3. Initializing
1.4. Clean-Up
1.5. Copying
2. Free Lists
2.1. Freelist Overview
2.2. Adding a Freelist to the Node Type
2.3. Use dispose() and alloc() instead of delete and new
3. Operators new and delete
3.1. Replace dispose() and alloc() by operators new and delete
3.2. Implementing operator new
3.3. Implementing operator delete
3.4. Application code uses new and delete
4. Low-level Storage Management
4.1. Fragmentation

Linked lists and related structures form the basis of many data structures, so it's worth looking at some applications that aren't implemented via the std::list.

We'll look at issues that arise in ADT implementation, then in storage management, first in our own code, then at the operating system level.

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