Maps and MultiMaps

Steven J. Zeil

Old Dominion University, Dept. of Computer Science

Table of Contents

1. Interface
1.1. The template header
1.2. Internal type names
1.3. Insert & Erase
1.4. Access
2. Example: Literary Style Emulator
2.1. The Program
2.2. Once More, with MultiMaps
3. Sets, MultiSets, Maps, and MultiMaps: all in the family
3.1. From Set to MultiSet
3.2. From Set to Map
3.3. From Set to MultiMap

A map can be thought of as

typedef map<string, Zipcodes, less<string> >  ZipTable;
ZipTable zips;

zips["Jones"] = 23529;
zips["Zeil"] = 23452;
cout << zips["Zeil"];

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