Course Orientation & Intro

Steven Zeil

Old Dominion University, Dept. of Computer Science

May 16, 2012, 7:30PM (EDT)

This will be a live session conducted as a network conference via Adobe Connect. To attend this conference, you need only a web browser with an up-to-date Flash plugin.

I will be using audio, so you should make sure you are someplace where you can listen without disturbing others (or use headphones).

If you want to fully participate in a conference (i.e., supply your own audio or show content from your screen, you will need a free plug-in for your Flash plug-in. (Available for Windows and Mac PCs only - no Linux version as yet) The simplest way to get this is to use the Help link on this page. It should run a brief test of your browser and your connection speed, then offer to install the plugin. You can do this any time in advance of the orientation session.

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