1. std/STL Containers

The key components of std are

You are already familiar with many parts of std. You presumably were already familiar with the I/O portion. We have already looked at some utilities, and some portions of the Iterators and Algorithms portion. Now we want to do a quick overview of the containers portion, prior to beginning to look at some of the specific containers in detail.

You may or may not have heard of the STL library before. When the C++ standards committee was considering what should be included in the standard library, std, the early drafts included what we now recognize as the I/O and utility sections. A group of researchers from HP then proposed addition of their STL library to std. STL consisted of a set of containers, iterators, and function templates (algorithms). STL stands for Standard Template Library, which may have been a bit presumptuous because it certainly was not part of the standard at the time. The C++ standards committee eventually accepted the STL, with some revisions, as part of std.

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